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  1. Depending on where I travel to, I try to follow as much as possible the national weather forecast services as they seem the most accurate overall so for example in Norway that would be (its UI though is quite pleasant to use so apparently it’s also quite popular outside of Norway as well), in France it would be (my least favorite UX goes to them though) and in Switzerland that would be Looking forward to seeing more results in your survey! 🙂

  2. I live in the United Kingdom, and I favour as the most accurate service for my country.

    I like to take the opinion of a couple of services, to get an idea of the likely weather trends. In order of accuracy for the centre and north of England, I use the following services:
    1. (always extremely accurate)
    2. UK Met office (often fairly accurate)
    3. BBC weather (I trust this less because they no longer use the UK Met office)
    4. Accuweather (full of ads and trackers, not very accurate, usually pessimistic – i.e. often predicts much worse weather than the above services, and much worse weather than we actually get).
    4. Openweathermap (very handy as the free/libre and open-source softwares tend to get their info from here – however the least accurate and most pessimistic service of the lot – although accuracy has improved this year).

    If I quickly need an hourly forecast I can trust, I go straight to If any of the services disagrees significantly with or the met office, I ignore them. However, if all services predict a similar weather pattern but disagree on the exact timing or intensity, I normally find taking an “average” of the lot gives me a good prediction.

    I suspect if you live in America, Accuweather and Openweathermap will be pretty accurate, as I believe these are US services – so understandably won’t have the same accuracy where I live.

    1. It’s interesting. I recently moved to the UK and although I like, I found that their rain forecast here is in fact very often wrong. So I started to use Accuweather which seems to be much more accurate in this sense so far. Beside that, I also use the national weather services like the Met office here.

  3. I forgot to mention, I also like the Norwegian page best, because it’s very lightweight, clean and easy to navigate. Their new interface is even better. If I’m in a real rush, I don’t even bother changing the language because it’s that easy to navigate!


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